Preview PELOTON Magazine Issue 73 Travel & Adventure

We go to Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Rwanda and beyond in search of adventure.

The wonderful thing about adventure and travel is that’s not about going fast or slow, it’s just about going – the simple act of moving from one place to another and the adventure… that’s what happens in between. Preview PELOTON Magazine Issue 73: Travel & Adventure.

In issue 73 of PELOTON Magazine we just go. We go to Australia and chase the World Tour, we go to Belgium and chase an impossible dream. We go to the other side of the world for a choice leg ripper in New Zealand, and we see the Tour of Rwanda blossom into a true international race, inspired by the beautiful country’s rich history.

We talk to famed photographer Graham Watson about a lifetime of adventure behind the lens. and we know the best way to end any adventure is with a cold beer or a glass of wine, so there is plenty of that too.

While all that is really required for travel and adventure is a wiling spirit, good gear helps, so we look at new American bikes built for speed but with a soul for adventure and to fire that spirit we bring you some of our favorite adventure reads as well as an entire guide of products for travel.

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We hope issue 73 of PELOTON Magazines inspires you to travel in search of adventure.